The shortest time; Lifetime

11:49 PM        I’m very tired and I so wanted to sleep but I cant get the proper momentum. My mind is busy, thinking, whew! what a day.

7:00 AM          I woke up, and did my daily morning “rituals”.

8:00 AM          I’m eating breakfast and reviewing all my notes.

8:45 AM          I’m Doing the laundry, most of which are mine.

11:00 AM        I was preparing lunch.

12:00 AM        I’m eating lunch in a hurry because I have a class at 1:30 and I still have to bathe.

1:30-4:30 PM       I’m at School, attending my classes hoping not to have a failing grade on our quiz.

4:40 PM       I was heading for home, walking as usual. Then some sort of commotion caught my attention, curiosity got me first than caution so I tried to peek on the “subject” of the whole commotion. I saw an old lady, laid on the pavements floor, I just couldn’t get a full view of her because of the crowd in front of me. Is the lady dead of unconscious? I don’t know yet. Then a man shouted “patay na ‘to” (translated, “she’s dead”) then the man stood, giving me full sight of the poor old lady. Then i recognized her finally, she’s the vendor that sells cigarettes, candies, soda and stuff near my school. Then an ambulance stopped, a man came out running, and turned out to be the lady’s son. When he knew that his mother is dead he started shouting his sorry and I should have I should not have done things. Too bad, her mother cant hear all of it anymore, he should have done it when he had the time. Then I left the scene and headed for home.

11:49 PM        I made a vow, that I will never let any opportunity slip[ off my hands, and that I will make things right this time. I’ll show the people that I care for how much they mean to me, how much I love them. Life is too short, and I don’t want to live my life in regrets. That I will live everyday of my life as if it were my last. We only live once, so we should do everything that we want to do now because tomorrow, it may all be too late.

If there is anything that I have learned from all of this things, it’s the essence of time and the value of life.


See the brighter side of everything…

“To see a world in a grain of sand, and beauty in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and Eternity in  an hour”. -William Blake

It was my college professor who gave me this quote, (it sounded more of a puzzle to me).  I thought how the heck can you see a “WORLD” in a grain of sand? Why would I choose seeing beauty in a wild flower over a rose or an orchid? And for the size of my palm, Eternity won’t fit in. And how in the world can I appreciate Eternity in an hour? Then I thought whoever wrote that quote must be nuts. Over the time, as I grew older and more mature, I started seeing life in a different angle, I tried thinking over the quote that my professor gave me. And suddenly the quote that I thought is pointless all made sense to me.

The quote is all about being optimistic, to see the brighter side of everything. We couldn’t possibly get everything that we want, or see results as we planned. But instead of being sad over the things that we didn’t get, let’s be happy over the things that we got. And if you loose something, that’s OK, remember that everything happens for a reason, just count all the things that is still in your possession. The keywords are: Contentment, Hard-work, Patience, Perseverance, and Faith.

Your life is like a bag, no matter how big your bag is time will come that it will be full. And when you want something else you have to let go or throw few things from your bag just to give space for it. It’s not wrong to be ambitious, but being greedy is.

Remember the law of motion “In every action there is an equal but opposite reaction”.

what is love? « Bluefireball21’s Weblog

what is love? « Bluefireball21’s Weblog

what is love?

What is love?

 I couldn’t count the times I was asked with this question. Just last night, I talked to a friend and I don’t know exactly what happened, but we just came up with that topic. I told him that Love for me is just a state of mind, Physical Attraction (“libog”). Some geniuses just made up the word to justify their being  horny towards the opposite sex. Personally, I prefer someone telling me “I Love You” than “I want to fuck with you”, though I don’t believe in  it, It sounds better.

What my friend doesn’t know is that I believe in Love. In fact I have strong faith in it above anything in this world. I just hid it because I am afraid, I become weak and vulnerable whenever I’m in-love. And the worst part of the story is I am most vulnerable from the one that I love. You are only making it so much easier for them to hurt you.

Some say that Love is like gambling, you can win or loose everything. that loosing is part of the risk you have take if you want to win. But isn’t it possible to be in-love without getting burned?

Maybe I was just being coward, or maybe I haven’t met the ONE for me yet. Maybe I just need the right reason to take the risk of getting burned.

  will you take the risk with me?

Why am I doing this?

At first I was hesitant to open a blogging account or something,  I thought it was just a waste of time and money, I have plenty of things to be busy with. This blog is not posted for me to be known,  Its main objective is to share my views and opinion on a lot of things. I’m a very articulate person, I like intelligent conversations, And for me this is the best way  to communicate to other people in all parts of the world.

In my next entry, I will be discussing some of the worlds concern like issues on environment,social and political issues, etc. I hope all who reads this will visit my account again and participate in the discussion.

Save the planet!


Has anybody ever wondered why the weather all over the world turned freaky? I mean whats with the extreme heat and drought on December and drowning rains on Summer? What could possibly cause this? Is it natural? Or was it something caused by us?

Some say that due to the growing Industrialization of many countries, it produces chemicals that somehow causing the Ozone Layers depletion, allowing dangerous amount of radiation and heat from the sun.

I don’t really know a lot about this things, I am not genius and I am not planning to become one. All I know is I care for the planets welfare as much as I do for my self. And caring for the planet is something that should be done not just by an individual, or a group, but by everyone who benefits from earths grace, by all of us. This problem will go on for a long time unless we address it now, we might be gone from this world by the time that the effect of our struggle to save the planet is felt. But at-least we can leave the next generation the chance to see fishes swimming freely, to chase butterflies and watch birds soar high. Doesn’t it feel better if we can share to them the beauty that we see? Why let all of it be gone? When there are ways to save and keep it.

Everything that we do now has a big effect on the worlds future. But we can work together, To save and enrich what is left.