what is love?

What is love?

 I couldn’t count the times I was asked with this question. Just last night, I talked to a friend and I don’t know exactly what happened, but we just came up with that topic. I told him that Love for me is just a state of mind, Physical Attraction (“libog”). Some geniuses just made up the word to justify their being  horny towards the opposite sex. Personally, I prefer someone telling me “I Love You” than “I want to fuck with you”, though I don’t believe in  it, It sounds better.

What my friend doesn’t know is that I believe in Love. In fact I have strong faith in it above anything in this world. I just hid it because I am afraid, I become weak and vulnerable whenever I’m in-love. And the worst part of the story is I am most vulnerable from the one that I love. You are only making it so much easier for them to hurt you.

Some say that Love is like gambling, you can win or loose everything. that loosing is part of the risk you have take if you want to win. But isn’t it possible to be in-love without getting burned?

Maybe I was just being coward, or maybe I haven’t met the ONE for me yet. Maybe I just need the right reason to take the risk of getting burned.

  will you take the risk with me?



  1. If I can tell you something, let me just say that you can’t never know if the person is “the one” as you say. In my point of view, it takes time to become “the one”. Love is not a lottery, it’s not a win or loose situation.

    Maybe after 10 years with the same person, you’ll say “he (she)’s become the one”, and even if something happens, she’ll always be “the one”.

    (I was never good talking about feelings, lol)

    from bluefireball21
    Thank You for reading my blog. I appreciate and respect your comment.
    you know what? I said those things because I’ve been through it, I mean I already took the risk for the one I love.
    But when we reached the edge, “the one” I love lets me jump alone. I thought we will jump together ‘coz thats what this whole “love” thing is all about right? Being together forever.
    Guess this love thing is not for me,,
    Again,,, Thank You,,

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  3. for me… love is not lust, baka sa yo lang yun!

  4. i agree with you. 🙂

  5. you can’t say that you’re a coward – everyone has their own way of feeling love.

  6. from jhay-r
    to jaime: Thank You for giving my blog a visit,, and for somehow appreciating it,, i hope you’ll visit my blog again,,
    to polar.xpress: Maraming salamat po,, you gave me an inspiration to write more,, hope you’ll check out my blog again,,
    to bedsidelamp: Thank you so much,, hope to read more from you,,
    to fau: salamat sa support,,

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