where is home?

When i first arrived in manila from bicol I already wanted to go back the moment my foot touched the ground as I step down the bus, I already miss the place that I loved for all my life though I have only been away from home for 12 hours. At that moment every second away from home feels like years, of loneliness. Maybe what I’m more afraid of is I am going to start a new life, and I know that building one is a tough job. Making new friends, trying to live their way.

Eventually I did get a life in the city, it’s very different from the one that I had at the province. Got friends that I already considered part of me. They’re more than I hoped for a friend, too good for me so to say. Dilan, the technology freak, maybe the most updated among all of us when it comes to gadgets, kind, yet not the best parson to mess with. Denz, the sweet one, pretty much like ken. Jay-z, the most humiliated one, but also the most patient among all of us. They’re the people I miss the most.

Now I’m here in bicol, gotta catch up with the life that I left behind, I must say that I missed my life here. Quite boring but The simplicity of life here makes the place unique and truly peaceful.  They say home is where your heart is, In my case, “Where is home?”.