My New found Strength

I have been working in the Call Center Industry for more than two years now. During the first year of me working on my chosen career, I had so much fun. to me it was not work anymore, it was more of a playground. Everything was so easy back then, but not anymore. After two years, I ask my self. Do I still want to do this? Is it still worth it? I mean seriously? In this job, I had to wake up and start my day when everyone else ends theirs. And I end mine, and everyone starts their day. Funny, because I still do it. The more i think of the reason why I am still going to work, hoping to find new strength. All I get are more reason to quit, to leave and start looking for a new path. A colleague once told me, “Of all the job there is, ours is the best. Because we can help 30-50 person everyday.” And I agreed with her, so I told my self that I will not quit. So I thought I did, but apparently I did not. Why? I was selfish, that’s why. How can I be do a job that no longer excites me? When every time I go to work, I couldn’t wish for anything else but to go home. Then I decided to look back, at my old self. The enthusiastic to work version of me, what does he have then that I do not posses now? Is it the youth? probably not, it was just two years ago! Maybe it was the purpose that I had before, and I think I no longer have it now.I wanted to work before because I wanted to earn more, for my self and for my family. I no longer want to be a burden to them, not that I was.  But I wanted to prove something, to everyone. And specially, to my self. That I can be somebody, or someone. That someday, I will be needed. I had so much reason before, so much more than the hardships this job could throw at me. And I made it! I was able to buy my self clothes, cellphones, etc. I can eat whatever I want to eat and go wherever I want, I became independent. And on top of that, I felt that I was needed. That I am finally a somebody, which is what really matters to me.Finally I knew what I needed, and I have come to realize how to be back in the game. I just need to think of those who needs me, and my own needs as well. My ambition to be an agent before is what drives me to work hard, and now I’m here. I already am an agent, a really good one! But I guess the dreaming does not have to stop, does it? I made it here in two years of ups and downs, of sweat and tears. I can just Imagine what I can become in four more years of hard work, or maybe more! who knows? But I am sure of one thing now. That this life a a big war, and now I only want one thing. Win


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