Save the planet!


Has anybody ever wondered why the weather all over the world turned freaky? I mean whats with the extreme heat and drought on December and drowning rains on Summer? What could possibly cause this? Is it natural? Or was it something caused by us?

Some say that due to the growing Industrialization of many countries, it produces chemicals that somehow causing the Ozone Layers depletion, allowing dangerous amount of radiation and heat from the sun.

I don’t really know a lot about this things, I am not genius and I am not planning to become one. All I know is I care for the planets welfare as much as I do for my self. And caring for the planet is something that should be done not just by an individual, or a group, but by everyone who benefits from earths grace, by all of us. This problem will go on for a long time unless we address it now, we might be gone from this world by the time that the effect of our struggle to save the planet is felt. But at-least we can leave the next generation the chance to see fishes swimming freely, to chase butterflies and watch birds soar high. Doesn’t it feel better if we can share to them the beauty that we see? Why let all of it be gone? When there are ways to save and keep it.

Everything that we do now has a big effect on the worlds future. But we can work together, To save and enrich what is left.